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Emails disappearing from mac mail mojave

I just had an issue with Outlook Mac version connected to Office where emails and tasks were disappearing randomly. I used the support tool integrated in Outlook and someone from Microsoft responded almost immediately amazing!

Support recommended to reindex with the OutlookSearchRepair tool and the missing items reappeared. I am unsure if this really solves the problem because I believe that something corrupts the index regularly. A few days ago I had an issue with free Outlook app for iPhone and support was just as fast.

The OutlookSearchRepair tool with a few other useful troubleshooting tools can be found here. Btw, interesting to know the OutlookSearchRepair toolfor Mac. If can help, when I had issues on Outlook for Windows, I have run the Inbox Repair tool for Microsoft Outlook and it worked fine and solved my problem. Paolo, thanks! In the past, whenever I had an indexing problem with Outlook, I just removed the mailbox and added it again.

emails disappearing from mac mail mojave

This always solved the problem. However, this time rebuilding the index only was a temporary solution. After I rebuilt the index all items reappeared. However, on the next day two new items disappeared. This is definitely a serious Outlook bug. If you have a large task list and only 1 or 2 disappear, you probably notice it too late.

Microsoft support now confirmed that it is an Outlook bug. It took me more than a month to persuade them with almost daily conversations. In the end it turned out that they were testing with an outdated macOS version even though it was clear right from beginning that the cause of the issue is an incompatibility between Outlook and macOS. Outlook search depends on Spotlight which indexes Outlook items. Everyone running High Sierra is affected by this serious Outlook bug.

It makes items such as tasks and emails with a due date disappear. I am pretty sure many Outlook users around the world will miss important deadlines. It has been more than a week now that Microsoft confirmed the bug and more than a month since I reported the issue, but still no fix. The first thing support has to make sure is that everyone is on the same OS version.

And how come that Microsoft is forcing everyone to update Windows, but their own staff works with outdated OS versions? I am already looking for another solution now and I will soon dump Outlook and Office There are many better solutions for the Mac. So far not one useful features has been added and with every new update you have to be afraid that new bugs are added. Outlook instability on Macs has always been a problem imo. The issue was more topical than anything, but it was a big annoyance to say the least.

Unfortunately, there are few systems that are as robust as Exchange at an enterprise level. You mentioned better solutions than Outlook for Mac — do these solutions still support Exchange?Nilesh Kumar September 7th, How to.

And with it comes a variety of issues and errors just like in every other email client across the globe. We are going to discuss one such issue which has become quite common, i. Once we are aware of the issue, we will then discuss the possible solutions to fix it. At times, many users complain about their Apple Mail missing emails in Inbox all of a sudden.

Some say that some of their Inbox messages disappeared from Mac Mail all of a sudden. One of these queries is as below:. Sometimes they show up if I search for them, other times not. I tried every idea I could get from online threads but still, my Apple Mail emails disappear from Inbox. I am at my limit and would like some suggestions. Thank you! In similar instances, either only a few messages disappeared or the whole Inbox was empty.

The results of the search function were arbitrary too. After analyzing a variety of similar queries, we decided to put together a list of reasons that could have caused it. Since its easier to resolve an issue if you know its cause. Determining a specific cause for every time this issue happens is improbable. However, a variety of possible factors can contribute to Inbox emails missing.

The following reasons may be its cause:. Now, since we are aware of factors which may cause the disappearing of Inbox mail from Mac Mail. We can implement relevant techniques to get rid of this situation.

The following methods can be used individually to resolve the missing Inbox mailbox problem:. It is a method which can fix many common problems in Mail. The limitation is that it can take hours to complete. To rebuild your Inbox, follow the steps below:. Option to Re-synchronise your email account is also available on Mail.

If message filter option is kept on for some reason, it will prevent some messages to enter the Inbox. It will result in Inbox emails missing. To turn it off, proceed as follows:.Standard Professional Premium. Mac users may get startled when their Mac files disappear from desktop, download folders, Macintosh HD and even from the trash folder. The files are not lost forever; it's possible to recover your files by making some changes to your Mac settings.

The following are some of the reasons:. The result of this is your desktop and document files are synced to the iCloud Drive and then removed from your Mac computer, and that is the reason your files have suddenly disappeared from the Mac. But rest assured, your files are safely stored and accessible through iCloud Drive interface. Follow next. Hidden Files on Macintosh HD. Many times, unintentional settings can cause your crucial files to become hidden.

In such cases, while you might not be able to view your files, they are still very much present on the Mac. Here are the steps to unhide hidden Mac files by using Terminal:.

emails disappearing from mac mail mojave

Accidentally Deleted Files. The biggest reason behind the sudden disappearance of Mac files is their accidental deletion. While accidental deletion can happen when you are emptying the Trash manual or automated or when your unsaved files are lost due to sudden power outages, intentional deletion can also sometimes take place when you select many files and delete them at once, without taking a backup.

First Through iCloud. You can follow these simple steps to recover your lost data:. Almost all users are familiar with the use of Finder in macOS. You can check it through the following steps:. It will automatically organize your files on the Desktop so that your desktop is free of clutter.

You can go and find the folder in which your files have been grouped inside and recover them as follows:. If you're unable to recover your disappeared files on Mac by using any of the above methods, the last option is to use a specialized data recovery software for Mac. Free Download. Updated on February 25, To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question.

Posted on Jan 14, PM. Page content loaded. Jan 17, PM. Jan 17, PM in response to brenden dv In response to brenden dv. I should have included in my question that I have checked on the email client on the web and it is not there. I can be sure now whether the random emails that disappear are to all or some of those three email addresses. The specific email that prompted my question was sent to my icloud email address so I looked for it in all of my folders in Mail and inbox, junk, archive and trash on the web via the icloud server.

Not a solution, but perhaps a "me too": is the mysterious disappearing message account an Exchange account? Also, sometimes my disappearing messages really were still on the Exchange server and would be recovered by rebuilding mailboxes- though not always.

The issue seems to be triggered especially when reading a message also from the Mail app on an iDevice For me, the "solution" was to connect with my Exchange account via IMAP instead of using the built in Exchange support, which seems to be finicky.

emails disappearing from mac mail mojave

Question: Q: email disappeared from Mail More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate.

Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Paulapple Paulapple I am running These are emails that have sat in my inbox for a few days and then disappear. Not all emails just random and not all the time. These emails don't show up in a search of any folders including Trash and Junk. They don't reappear after a mailbox rebuild. They don't appear in Time Machine either. Any idea? More Less. All replies Drop Down menu.

Loading page content. User profile for user: brenden dv brenden dv User level: Community Specialist.Use Mailbox Behaviors preferences in Mail to change where draft, sent, junk, deleted, and archived messages for an email account are stored.

Note: Mail stores messages in the mailbox you specify for each option. If you select a mailbox on the mail serverthe messages are available when you use your email account on another computer. Mail selects the best mailbox for your account; before choosing a different server mailbox, check with your email account provider.

If you select an On My Mac mailbox, the messages are stored on your Mac and are available only there. Mail automatically deletes junk messages at the specified time. Select a setting other than Never to avoid exceeding storage limits set by your email account provider. Mail erases deleted messages at the specified time. If you selected None for Trash Mailbox, you can have Mail permanently delete messages automatically.

If your email account provider sets up the server to delete older messages, the messages are deleted regardless of how you change this option. If you use an Exchange account, you can choose to store draft, sent, junk, and deleted messages on the server, and when to erase junk and deleted messages. The settings you see vary depending on your account type.

Apple Mail Messages Disappear in Yosemite Resolved

Option Description Drafts Mailbox Select a mailbox on the mail server or on your Mac to store draft messages. This option is available only for IMAP accounts. Sent Mailbox Select a mailbox on the mail server or on your Mac to store sent messages. Junk Mailbox Select a mailbox on the mail server or on your Mac to store junk messages.

Select a mailbox on the mail server or on your Mac to store draft messages. Select a mailbox on the mail server or on your Mac to store sent messages. Select a mailbox on the mail server or on your Mac to store junk messages.Some Mac users have discovered that Mail app has stopped showing attachments after updating to Mac OS Sierra, despite not having manually removed the attachments themselves.

Additionally, existing emails with attachments may appear as if the email attachments disappeared entirely. While having disappearing Mail attachments can be alarming, you can usually resolve this issue with a two-step process. While this is aimed at resolving disappeared attachments on MacOS Sierra Mail app, it will likely work with other versions of Mac OS that have disappearing or vanished email attachments as well.

This two step process should work to reveal any missing email attachments in Mac Mail app again. If you are not sure of what you are doing, you should backup your Mac before beginning this process. Attachments should be visible as usual again, unless you either have them disabled or they are an incompatible file format. Typically if you are getting incompatible attachments, they are from a windows sender and this tip for opening Winmail.

Separately, you should also update to the latest version of Mac OS Sierra that is available, as of writing that is Did this work to reveal missing email attachments on your Mac? Do you have another trick or troubleshooting step that resolved the issue for you? Let us know in the comments. Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:.

I have Mohave I have attachments set to ALL, I tried rebuild.

If emails appear to be missing in Mail on Mac

Very frustrating. I have High Sierra and Mac Mail Attachments column shows nothing since emails, and above procedure did not help. Thank you so much for clear instructions that worked for me.

For a few days I have been unable to open attachments PDF files in icloud. This has been frustrating. One method I used to gain control is to have the file resent with a different email address.

Now I am back in business and can open files okay. Not sure why this happened. Firefox did update their browser yesterday, so would they have meddled with my settings?By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Ask Different is a question and answer site for power users of Apple hardware and software. It only takes a minute to sign up. When I am doing some work on my macbook pro, Mail app's main window keeps popping up in the background, it even pops up when I watch movies by interrupting full screen.

This is so frustrating, I can't find out solution to this, googled and went to many discussion forums, no luck, suggestions that I found are very old and outdated. Has anyone faced similar issues or does anyone knows solution to this? I have the same issue: The google calendar stuff is nonsense. The notification settings suggestion doesn't work.

I normally hit the red cross button on the viewer window once I have finished looking at my mail, this closes open viewer windows but leaves the mail app active in the dock:. So if I have mail running, but no viewer windows open, then I get a viewer window randomly popping up to the foreground a few times an hour. If instead of hitting the red cross button, I minimise mail using the minus button, then I don't get any viewer windows randomly opening.

Since then no more pop-ups. Maybe try to get in the habit of closing Mail when watching a movie? It'll save you this hassle, a little battery life, and I promiseyour mail will still be there when your movie is over. Maybe try a different mail app? The thing is, Mail.

Apple Mail Emails Disappear from Inbox? Get Solution

Its one of a handful of apps that has never once got a full rewrite along with the likes of Grapher and Activity Monitor. So I wouldn't hold your breath for a fix for these mysterious stirrings. Outlook isn't too bad either, although it is still Microsoft Outlook, so there's "a lot there". Do you use Google Calendar? Google calendar event notification can cause Apple Mail app open.

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